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We showcase moments, memories, events, homes, products, people and animals using photographs and video.


Photography and Videography is a passion and also rounds off all of our other services perfectly. Utilising years of experience we produce photographs as a stand alone service, but also as a bolt on for our Graphic Design and Web Design projects. This can include holiday rentals images, or simply professional images of a home you wish to sell, product photographs, event images or videos, portraits, landscape and travel images...

If you would like to discuss Photography or Videography services please contact us today. We will provide you with upfront costs and realistic expectations on timescales.

Otherwise, feel free to have a browse few a small selection of some of the recent photographs that we have taken.





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Wildlife Photography

Astronomy Tower, Earth & Sky, Lake Tekapo Observatory, New Zealand
Cheese Board - Lower Gockett Farm, Wye Valley Cheese
Cheese Room - Lower Gockett Farm, Wye Valley Cheese
Rotorua Carving School, TE PUIA, Rotorua, New Zealand
TE PUIA, Rotorua, New Zealand
Wye Valley Cheese - Wye Valley Cheese
The Yurt Balcony - Lower Gockett Farm, Canopy & Stars
The Yurt Secret Garden - Lower Gockett Farm, Canopy & Stars
The Yurt Kitchen - Lower Gockett Farm, Canopy & Stars
The Yurt - Lower Gockett Farm, Canopy & Stars
Alice's Baptism
Alice's Baptism, with Grandad
Alice's Baptism - with Grandad / Vicar
Alice's Baptism, with Mum
Alice's Baptism - the Font
Alice's Baptism, the Cake
Alice's Christening, the Church
Auckland Skyline
Brighton Sunset
Corromandel, New Zealand
Hot Water Beach, New Zealand
Milford Sound, New Zealand
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Viking Resort private bay, Phi Phi, Thailand
The New Severn Bridge
Volcano at World Heritage Tongariro National Park
Our favourite spot
Baby Bump
Baby Bump Heart
Peruvian Fisherman
Andean Women
Mauri Welcome
Moray Dancer, Festival of Light
Moray Festival Of Light
Christ Redeemer
Angkor Wat Entrace
Angkor Wat Temple
Angkor Wat Tourists
Coromandel Town
Iguassu Falls
Machu Pichu
New Zealand Road
Prayer Flames, Thailand
Queens Town, New Zealand
Sail Rock
Sydney Opera House
Bhuddist Temple
Thailand Boat
Tibetan Bells
Tibetan Monestary
Anemone,  Biyadhoo island, Maldives
Carpenter Ants, Amazon Rainforest
Pollinating Bee
Black Swan reintroduction, New Zealand
Butterfly 3
Fish Skool, Biyadhoo Island Resort, Maldives
Fish Wall, Maldives
Fly Macro
Fur Seal, New Zealand
Horned Lizard
Inca Tern
Ladybird Macro
Brown Owl
Scorpion Spider, Amazon Rainforest
Shark, Australia
Sperm Whale, New Zealand
Spider, Amazon Rainforest
Squirrel Monkey, Amazon Rainforest
Tiger, South East Asia
Turtle Biyadhoo Reef, Maldives
White Egret, Peru
Paraty, Brazil
Paraty town door, Brazil
Welsh Sheep Farming
British Grouse
Bar Lounge, Caer Llan
Decorations, Caer Llan
Ensuite Bathroom, Caer Llan
Bedroom, Caer Llan
Function Room, Caer Llan
Exterior, Caer Llan
Drinks, Green & Jenks Opening
Table centerpiece, Green & Jenks Opening
Opening Day, Green & Jenks
Green & Jenks Opening Day
Gelato, Green & Jenks Opening
Staff, Green & Jenks Opening Day
Interior, Green & Jenks Opening Day
Gelato Cone, Green & Jenks Opening Day
Exterior,Green & Jenks Opening Day
Cone selection, Green & Jenks Opening Day
Customers, Green & Jenks Opening Day
Beef & Coconut, The Curry Queen
Jalfrezi,  The Curry Queen
Lamb Bhuna, The Curry Queen
Garlic Nan,  The Curry Queen
Popadoms, The Curry Queen
Home image,  The Curry Queen
Onion Bhajis, The Curry Queen
Pilau Rice, The Curry Queen
The Curry Queen
Lamb Bhuna, The Curry Queen
Butter Chicken, The Curry Queen
Nan Bread, The Curry Queen
Lounge, The Dovecote
View, The Dovecote
Country finish, The Dovecote
Guest book, The Dovecote
Bedroom, The Dovecote
The Dovecote
The Dovecote Garden
Bathroom, The Dovecote
Cover, Hedgerow Magazine
Winter Cover, Hedgerow Magazine
Summer Cover, Hedgerow Magazine
Smoked Salmon Salad
Beef Pastrami Sandwich, Humble by Nature
Soup, Humble By Nature
Beetroot Soup, Humble by Nature
Egg & Smoked Salmon, Humble by Nature
Brownie, Humble by Nature
Blood Orange cake, Humble by Nature
Beetroot Soup, Humble by Nature
Salmon Salad, Humble by Nature
Hot Chocolate Brownie, Humble by Nature
Bread, Hobbs House
Hobbs House Bread
Humble by Nature, Cider
Humble by Nature, Cider. Humble by Nature
NomNom Welsh Chocolate
Nomnom Seasonal Chocolate
NomNom Chocolate, winning flavours spotlight
Usk River Preserves
Blodyn AUR Welsh Rapeseed Oil
Event Venue
Register Signing Humble by Nature
Dining Table, Humble by Nature
Wedding Decorations Humble by Nature
Wedding Decoration flowers, Humble by Nature
Wedding Ceremony, Humble by Nature
Outdoor cooking, The Big Day Out, Humble by Nature
Kate Humble's Big Day Out at Humble by Nature
Campfire Cooking, The Big Day Out, Humble by Nature
The Big Day Out, Humble by Nature
Kate Humbles Big Day Out, Sheep Sheering
The Big Day Out, Humble by Nature
The Big Day Out, Humble by Nature
The Big Day Out, Humble by Nature
Campfire Cooking, The Big Day Out
Gareth Malone, The Big Day Out
The Big Day Out
The Brwmys, The Big Day Out
Fire Dancer
Fire Dancer
The Bleedin Noses
The Bleedin Noses, The Big Day Out, Humble by Nature
 MG 5944
The Delbridge Family
Jack Delbridge
Danni Baby Bump




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